GCC Fantasy League

A new season, an old game. Welcome to the Goresbrook CC Fantasy League.

The rules of the game are simple. Pick yourself a team of 11 inside the budget of £25 million and then see who accrues the most points over the course of the season. Only SNEL League matches are counted towards the standings (That means T20s, Sunday matches, Cup matches are excluded).

The entrance fee is just £10 per team (you can enter multiple teams) and the prize pot will be dividing in the following way.  30% to the club.  40% to the winner.  20% to 2nd place and 10% to 3rd place.

The closing date for entries is Thursday 9th May, just in time for the first round of league games on 11th May 29th.  You can pay cash in instalments but you wont be included in the league table that will be published weekly until you have paid.

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Point Scoring

Players in your team get the following points;




1 point per run 20 points per wicket 20 points per catch (incl wkt)
10 points per maiden 20 points per stumping
20 points per run out


Bonus points are also up for grabs…



Century – 100 points 5 wicket haul – 50 points
Half Century – 50 points 10 wicket haul – 250 points


1st XI get 3 x the points value. So 1 run will equal 3 points.2nd XI get 2 x the points value.  So 1 run will equal 2 points.

3rd XI get 1 x the points value.  So 1 run will equal 1 points.

Any 4th team fixtures will carry the same weighting as 3rd XI matches.

Player Price

Player prices have been calculated using the following factors;

  1. I’m not totally sure, ask Richie
  2. Adjustment for significant increase in form
  3. Adjustment for significant increase or decrease on expected availability
  4. I’m not sure, ask Richie

The above will be referred to as the RJW formula and is subject to revision at the end of each season.